LBL BRENTA log bandsaws combine flexibility, robustness and sawing quality in all types of log diameters: softwood and hardwood. LBL BRENTA's decades of experience and expertise in sawmill service ensure the construction of reliable and efficient heavy duty machines.
With high feed speeds our log bandsaws satisfy both highest recovery and highest production volume demands.


Fast log carriages using proven technology

    The log carriages Spider are fast operating providing precise positioning of the log thanks to the ball screw technology used on the independent headblocks.

    Log turning operations and handling of the products are facilitated by log turners type "V" with toothed chains as well as by flippers integrated into the headblocks slide of the carriage.

    A motorized 1/2 moon log loader enables the flexible loading of the logs thus preserving the mechanics of the carriage.

    • Pneumatic or hydraulic version
    • Opening: 1060 or 1260 mm
    • Clamps opening : 800 mm or 1200 mm
    • Centralized and automatic lubrication
    • Hardwood and softwood
    • Sag4d


    Headrigs BRENTA in cast iron

    XBE headrigs range is last evolution of famous BRENTA's headrigs.
    The cast iron construction of the Brenta bandsaw ensures its stability. The precision and sawing rectitude are great, even with high sawing speed.

    • Flywheels Ø 1400 mm, Ø 1600 mm or Ø 1800 mm
    • Single-cut, double-cut or tandem versions
    • Hydraulic blade tensioning
    • Automatic lubrication

    SLAB CHIPPERS CT700 and 900

    Head and frame in cast iron of great resistance of wear.

    The heads of the slab chippers offer best chips quality and
    progressive cutting effort, even with important sawing speed.
    The servo positioning of the slab chipper combined with the ball screw technology is extremely accurate and fast.

    • Cast iron head Ø 700 mm or Ø 900 mm
    • 9 or 12 chipping step knives easily removable
    • Centralized lubrication
    • Good sawn surface and good channelling of chips
    • Increased sawing capacity by 15 to 20%
    • Softwood and hardwood


    • Log Bandsaw Lesbat by LBL Brenta

    • Log Bandsaw 4.0

    • Log Carriage Spider 4.0

    • Log Bandsaw - Chestnut

    • Sawmill with 1 operator

    • Log bandsaw Czech republic - Optim Mudata

    • Log bandsaw - Oak

    • Log bandsaw - Oak

    • Log bandsaw - Oak

    • Log bandsaw - Douglas


    • Log bandsaw LBL BRENTA

      Log bandsaw LBL BRENTA

    • Headrigs XBE

      Headrigs XBE

    • Slab chipper CT 700

      Slab chipper CT 700

    • Slab chipper CT 700

      Slab chipper CT 700

    • Slab chipper CT 900

      Slab chipper CT 900