LBL BRENTA tilted log bandsaws provide flexibility in the sawing operation. Ruggedly built, they are designed for hardwood and softwood and are resistant to the most demanding sawmill environments. The log bandsaws provide very good sawing quality, flexibility and smoothness in the cutting process.


  • Scie a grumes inclinee

The log carriage with independent headblocks is designed for efficient operation

The inclined carriage Spider saves loading time and offer log stability. The ball screw technology, used on independent headblocks servo-positioned and moving on double hard chrome round slide brings speed and precision of sawing. Another advantage is that log turning operations and product handling are facilitated by flipper log turners that tilt up to 90 °.

  • Pneumatic or hydraulic version
  • Opening : 1060 to 1260 mm
  • Clamps opening : 800 mm or 1200 mm
  • Centralized and automatic lubrication
  • Hardwood and softwood


Headrigs BRENTA in cast iron

The stability of the cast iron log bandsaw combined with and hydraulic control and damping system for constant blade tension provide optimum sawing quality. The hydraulically operated blade protector provides personnel safety. The robustness and reliability of the BRENTA bandsaw guarantee its durability over time.

  • Flywheels in cast iron Ø 1600 mm or Ø 1800 mm
  • Single-cut, double-cut versions
  • Hydraulic blade tensioning
  • Automatic lubrication


Sawn surface at its best

The slab chipper CT 700 allows in a single pass to chip the slab and to saw a first product, resulting in an increase in productivity. It also solves the problem of handling slabs. The cast iron construction of the head and frame ensure the stability of the machine and absorbs vibration during sawing.

  • Cast iron head Ø 700 mm
  • 9 chipping step knives easily removable
  • Centralized lubrication
  • Good sawn surface and good channelling of chips
  • Increased sawing capacity by 15 to 20%
  • Hardwood and softwood


  • Tilted log bandsaw 4.0 - Exotic

  • Sawmill - Pallets

  • Log bandsaw - Oak

  • Sawmill - Pallets


  • Tilted log bandsaw LBL BRENTA

    Tilted log bandsaw LBL BRENTA

  • Tilted log carriage Spider

    Tilted log carriage Spider

  • Tilted headrig XBE

    Tilted headrig XBE

  • Tilted slab chipper CT 700

    Tilted slab chipper CT 700

  • Scie à grumes inclinée - Chêne

    Scie à grumes inclinée - Chêne