CDR 250 Resawing unit demonstrates LBL BRENTA’s know-how. Flexible and easy to use, it is able to answer your most demanding requirements on a single machine. Whether you produce building timber products or pallet, the machine adapts to any type of production, both in softwoods and hardwoods. The aim is to help you get the best performance out of the wood.


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Customized solutions for optimal production flexibility

Combined with Log bandsaw, CDR 250 is a flexible heavy duty and high performance production tool that easily adapts to the needs of its users.

It processes unsorted products with a thickness of 17 to 250 mm (double shaft version).

Equipped with a chipping canter and 6 movable blades, the CDR 250 produces 7 variable products. It can be used for boards, planks and cants.

The reverse system makes it possible to back up the product inside the machine if the number of desired products cannot be achieved in a single pass.

The scanner analyzes the products on both sides (thickness, length and profile), optimizes the cut and sends the positioning orders of the product and blades. In Pin-stop version, the operator visualizes on the product the lasers indexed on each of the movable blades. If the proposed cutting pattern is not suitable, the operator can switch to manual mode at any time.

The edger OXIA provides:

  • Versatility of production
  • Very good sawing quality
  • High speed production
  • Productivity increase
  • User friendly work station: cab control station and touch controls


  • CDR 250 Double Shaft Reverse

  • CDR 225 - Optim Microtec

  • CDR 225 - Pilotage et optimisation Microtec

  • CDR Pin Stop - Reverse

  • CDR Pin Stop - Pallets

  • CDR - Multi-blade table

  • CDR - Douglas

  • CDR Pin Stop - Reverse

  • CDR mechanized infeed - Douglas


  • Centre de reprise - Optim Microtec

    Centre de reprise - Optim Microtec

  • Resawing unit CDR 250

    Resawing unit CDR 250

  • Resawing unit CDR 250

    Resawing unit CDR 250

  • Resawing unit CDR 250

    Resawing unit CDR 250