Innovative in design, the edger OXIA adapts to the needs of each user. Compact, it can be easily integrated into an existing installation


  • Deligneuse

Simple, compact and versatile

The OXIA edger is characterized by its robust construction and ease of use. Compact, it can be easily integrated into an existing installation.

The machine processes unsorted boards, planks and cants with a thickness of 14 to 150 mm.

The patented moving blade system offers great flexibility: 4 mobile blades make it possible to produce 4 variable products. On the side, a fixed multi-blade sleeve 200 mm wide can accommodate one or more blades.

In order to best meet the client's specifications, the edger comes in several versions:

  • Manual infeed
  • Automatic infeed
  • Automatic infeed without operator

Optional equipment:

  • Edge waste separators:
  • They separate the edge waste and then evacuate them sideways at high speed. Piloted by servo motors, each separator can be indexed to any of the 4 movables sleeves.

Chipping canter: installed in front of the edger, the chipping heads turn the edges into easily transportable chips. The combination of the Oxia with the chipping canter allow the sawing of 6 variable products.

The edger OXIA provides:

  • Versatility of production
  • Precision and quality of sawing
  • Automatic height adjustment of the pressure rollers according to products thickness.
  • Touchscreen setwork Linea, user-friendly and efficient. Easy programming of the cutting dimensions.


  • Edger hardwood - Canada

  • Oak edger

  • Edger OXIA 150 - manual infeed

  • Automatic Edger without operator - Optimization system Kodama by LBL BRENTA

  • Edger Oxia - Oak

  • Sawmill with 1 operator

  • Edger OXIA - Chipping canter

  • Edger - Oak

  • Automatic edger OXIA

  • Automatic edger OXIA

  • Edger OXIA - Manual infeed

  • Edger OXIA - Automatic infeed


  • Edger OXIA

    Edger OXIA

  • Edger OXIA

    Edger OXIA

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    Déligneuse - Boîte à lasers

  • Déligneuse - Boîte à lasers

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